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  Shining The Light Of Christ into Mexico’s Heart of Darkness

The Timothy Project’s purpose is to Glorify God by propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in unreached population segments of an area in Central Mexico defined by the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention as being “Mexico’s Heart of Darkness”

The Timothy Project, as a para-church organization, desires to serve The Bride of Christ (the local church) and assist them in fulfilling their “… ends of the earth” Acts 1:8 mandate.  

Here are some comments from  Pastors and Church leaders who have led their Church on mission with The Timothy Project.

As you know, our International Mission Board cannot send a missionary to every pocket in the world so they wisely send missionaries to densely populated areas to take the Gospel to as many people as possible.  Therefore, some sparsely populated areas are many times unavoidably unreached.  FBC Arnold has partnered with our IMB to be the missionary to one of these sparsely populated areas in Mexico.  We are serving in Cuidad del Maiz which is basically a county of about 38,000 people in multiple villages approximately 300 miles into the high desert of Mexico.  Nestled in the mountains about 75 miles northeast of Cuidad del Maiz is a para-church organization called the Timothy Project.  They are complete with lodging facilities, training facilities, meal preparation capabilities, showers, etc.  This ministry is the conduit in which our church travels through in taking the Gospel to our region.  They take much of the logistical difficulties out of our mission endeavors allowing us to focus on the strategy that we believe God has created.”

                     Bob Caldwell, Pastor Outreach First Baptist Church of Arnold, MO